Saturday, November 13, 2010

Selamat Datang.. A Warm Welcome

This is the first entry which I believe would be the hardest part when starting a new blog. Ideas pouring in, words scrambling.. dancing in the air, hoping to land down safely and stand very firm and convincing enough, at least to the owner of this lil closet ;)

I'm leading healthy life, healthy mind and soul. Wow! That sounds insanely bold. Okay..I'm lying..muahahaha! I love to eat. Fullstop. It's hard to keep fit when you love the food sooooo much that you'll kiss em. least I'm trying my best to lead a healthy life, maintain a healthy mind and upgrade my soul (errk..upgrade? sorry..couldn't seem to find the right word, that's the closest to my interpretation). And I'm telling you dear.. it's never.. never.. easy to do. It requires determination, inspiration and the ability to visualize 'the future you'.

My life is no fairytale. No fairies come to my bed during the heavy rainfall. I hate waiting and thus I decided to make my own fairy-happily-ever-after tale. Suddenly I discovered plenty of good and beautiful things are actually happening all around me! How could I missed them all these years? I guess it's about how we look at things. We always forgot that there are 'options'.. plenty of 'em. Choices are not merely in black or white..look in between, you'll see the grey. And if you look harder.. you'll see the rainbow :)

Let's share. Feel free to try out the recipes, consider any good info and take good care of yourself because nobody will (the doctors would love to.. only if you pay them!). Good Day!

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