Saturday, November 13, 2010

Aku Menulis Blog Macam Tukar Channel TV.. (after all I'm the one holding the remote)

Macam tukar channel TV? And yes, that statement is referring to me (might not apply to other bloggers). Sometimes I'd like to watch Cerekerama or Nasi Lemak Kopi O, some other days I'll watch English movies and I do watch Tamil movies once in a while, not to forget the Korean or Chinese dramas (semua belasah), as long as it gets my attention. Same thing happens when I started to write.. sometimes the ideas flow in English and some other days I feel relax and inspiring writing in BM. It's a matter of expressive and mood at the time of writing.

I cook almost everyday, I spend few hours in my small garden once a week, I do serious reading and some artworks a couple of times in a year and thus, I expect that pattern would likely to reflect subject of my upcoming entries.

You'll find most of my recipes promote healthy cooking and healthy eating habit yet satisfying and most important.. they still taste great or at least 'acceptable' (boleh telan punya). I love to substitute some of 'unhealthy' ingredients with those containing more nutritional value, just giving a few options on how to enjoy the same food and leave out the guilt. I'm not a vegetarian but I rarely eat meat but the 'green' is a must in every meal.

However, I never say goodbye to the so-called unhealthy food, they are delicious just the way they are. I cook them and enjoy tiny little piece, just enough to satisfy the crave. Guess it won't hurt ;-)

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